octopus | the octopress commander


The preview command starts a local server in the public directory of your site so that you can view changes as you edit your content and site files. You can run this command from the main site directory or any subdirectory within your site (i.e. the public directory does not have to be the working directory).

You have the option to specify the port on which you will run the server. The default port is 8000 which is accessible at http://localhost:8000 in your browser. To change the port, enter the port number as the argument for the command.

The preview command is automatically run as part of the editing workflow actions that occur when you use the write command. See the write command documentation for more details.


oc preview <port>


Argument Description
port (optional) define the port for your server


Option Description
--opress use the default Octopress/Jekyll local server


Default Local Server (Port 8000)

oc preview

Local Server on Port 8181

oc preview 8181

Default Octopress Local Server on Port 4000

oc preview --opress