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Benchmark testing was performed on directories of multiple files by mime-type using the GNU time (gtime) application, gpg v2.0.22, and crypto v1.1.0 on a late 2011 model MacBook Pro (2.4GHz Intel Core i7, 8gb RAM). The tests compared the default gpg AES256 encryption and compression settings (GPG Default) with the default settings used in crypto (crypto Default) and crypto run with the --speed switch active (crypto --speed). Results are reported in seconds of user and system time for encryption of all files in the test by test group. The cumulative duration represents total CPU time.

The results show a significant improvement in encryption speed with crypto across both text and binary file types. For text files, the cost of this speedup is a slight decrease in file compression with default crypto settings and the elimination of compression (in some cases a slight increase in file size) with the --speed switch. crypto eliminates unnecessary gpg file compression attempts for binary files leading to a significant encryption performance improvement for these file types.

Click through the file type header link for test details.

Text Files

Text benchmarks for crypto

PDF Files

PDF benchmarks for crypto

PNG Files

PNG image benchmarks for crypto

mp3 Files

mp3 benchmarks for crypto

These benchmarks can be replicated with the following commands:

crypto --speed Tests

gtime --verbose crypto --speed testdir

crypto Default Tests

gtime --verbose crypto testdir

GPG Default Tests

gtime --verbose crypto --space testdir